Fired Up Over 50

Take Control Of Your Life

If you find yourself over 50 and not sure where you want to go with the next phase of your life or are still searching for your purpose, then we should chat! My missioin is to help maximize the God-given strengths of men over 50 to get them Fired UP in the prime of their lives — so they can change the world 

Coaching Options

Option 1

Custom-Tailored For Your Specific Needs

Your life is a journey. You need to know the unique gifts and mission God has given you, and only you, to make yourself and your world happier, healthier and wealthier.

Not just physical health and financial wealth. You want to be in a metaphysical state of well-being moving toward a destination that puts you in your satisfying “sweet spot” because that’s where you can do the most good.

As your coach, I help you understand your unique giftedness. You define your destination. We draw up a road map with meaningful and measurable milestones along the way.

This is your journey, not mine. But I can help you hear that still, small voice within, calling you forward. I can help you edit the most important story you will ever hear, the one playing on a loop between your ears.

I see this as a spiritual journey. I’m here to help you discover who God wants you to be and what God wants you to do.

Option 2

Discover and Play To Your Strengths

If you prefer, we can take a more structured approach with a process and a curriculum. ​

​You will learn how to:

  • Identify and celebrate your strengths to create a vision and mission statement
  • See, hear and edit the story you are telling yourself about yourself
  • Name and tame your limiting beliefs
  • Explore, analyze and choose your yellow brick roads
  • Boldly go where you have never gone before

Outcome: You will have a clear, written mission statement and the outline of a plan serving as a roadmap to a future that is happier, healthier and wealthier than you might imagine. That’s what happened to me.

Modules (can be customized):

  • Play to your God-given strengths, not your weaknesses, to find your purpose
  • The power of mindset and your power to change it
  • Boil down your unique purpose to one page, one paragraph, one sentence and one word
  • Write your own script to make yourself the hero in your own movie
  • Is the impossible really impossible?

What’s included:

  • StrengthFinders assessment
  • Five 45-minute sessions with me
  • “New path” strategy sessions and a follow-up plan of attack

Time commitment: Five 45-minute, one-on-one sessions over Skype, Zoom or phone with two hours of homework per week.

Option 3

Expert Help to Leverage LinkedIn in Your 50s

I got my current job as a communications vice president when a recruiter searched LinkedIn and found me. I’m a LinkedIn All-Star who has written and eBook showing how professionals over age 50 can leverage the world’s largest business networking platform.

This highly practical package will show you how to:

  • Get and test a photo that projects what you need it to
  • Choose a title that communicates your authentic value
  • Write a resume showcasing what you deliver more than what you do
  • Find and get connected to people and groups in your field
  • Establish yourself as an expert and thought leader
  • Make it easy for recruiters to search for and find you
  • Celebrate, encourage and mentor others, giving them and you satisfaction and even joy

    Outcome: You will be more connected, valuable and confident in your field with a fun and easy LinkedIn system that grows your influence for years to come.


  • Showcase your value in words and pictures
  • Secrets of getting found by recruiters and thought leaders
  • Generosity networking and marketing

What’s included:

  • StrengthFinders assessment
  • Three 45-minute sessions with me
  • A new LinkedIn profile
  • More LinkedIn connections
  • A written plan of attack to leverage LinkedIn for years to come

Time commitment: Three or four 45-minute, one-on-one sessions over Skype, Zoom or phone with two hours of homework per week.

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